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Centres of Excellence (COE)

In an effort to manage and directing the research and development process at the Jakarta Global University (JGU), through the Research Management Center (RMC), which was formerly known as LPPM (integrated with Community Service), then became a Research Institute, then the latter changed to RMC, JGU manage their research with the goal of becoming a research management institution with international standard. In its management, RMC has a research roadmap which is a long-term plan that is made in such a way as to be able to accommodate comprehensive and practical research and development activities within the JGU environment.

Considering the growing development of research activities, the scale and complexity are also diversely increasing, thus requiring institutions to oversee the research process to ensure that research activities are in accordance with the principles of the Tridharma of Higher Education in Indonesia and specifically in accordance with the vision, mission, and objectives of JGU. More than that, the management by RMC also aims to make research activities in the JGU academic environment more focused, their achievements can be measured, thus facilitating evaluation and continuous improvement.

In order to support the development of research at the JGU Campus, RMC has established a research center known as the Center of Excellence (CoE) for several potential fields for the JGU academic community. Among the CoEs that have been formed are:

Centre of Biomedical Engineering, meliputi bidang:

  • IoT for healthcare system
  • Medical Devices and its Fabrication
  • Pharmaceutical

Centre of Halal Studies, meliputi bidang:

  • Shariah Compliant Hotel
  • Shariah Banking
  • Shariah Finance

Apart from that, considering that the root of JGU is in the field of Engineering, some of the following research in the engineering field are considered potential, but are not considered necessary to be formed in a CoE. This is because the research fields mentioned below refer to the expertise of the lecturers in the JGU environment, so a research group is naturally formed, with the implementation of the research focusing on the role of students, especially final year students who are carrying out theses. These fields are:

  • Energy and Renewable Energy
  • Building & Construction
  • Computer Science and Information System
  • Simulation and Experimental Metallurgy