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Student & Campus Life

Learn about some of the clubs, groups and activities on campus.

There are several student organizations or organizations under the Jakarta Global University environment, namely, MPM and BEM JGU, UKM KIPK or bidikmisi, UKM, nature lover student association or HMPA Sabagiri, UKM student regiment or Menwa, UKM and sports association or ASA, UKM institutions Campus Da'wah or LDK, English club UKM, robotic UKM, multimedia UKM, Young Researcher Community UKM or KPM, Information and communication technology or ICT UKM, HMJ in each department and also JGU Alumni Association or JGUAS.

Student organizations are organizations consisting of students to accommodate the talents, interests and potential of students carried out in co- and extra-curricular activities. This organization can be in the form of intra-campus student organizations, inter-campus student organizations, extra-campus organizations or some kind of regional student association which generally consists of cross- or inter-campus members. One form of student organization is the Association of Similar Student Organizations (IOMS) both at the tertiary level, between tertiary institutions and at the national level as a forum for collaboration and networking to develop potential and active participation in improving the quality of education and progress in Indonesia according to its disciplines. The position of IOMS is in the Faculty, Department or Study Program.

Basically, the Student Organization is a forum for students to gather to achieve common goals, but must remain in accordance with the AD/ART corridors that are approved by all members and administrators of the organization. Student organizations must not leave the main signs of higher education duties and functions, namely the tri dharma of higher education, without losing critical power and continuing to fight on behalf of students, not individuals or groups.

  • Engagement Activities
  • Orientation
  • Oathtaking
  • First week class Attendance
  • Mentor - Mentee
  • Academic/Progression
  • Profiling / Fun based activity
  • AGM (Annual Grand Meeting)
  • Committee Club Training
  • Competition
  • Community Engagment
  • PEC (Personal Enrichment Competencies)
  • Drugs and social issues
  • Flagship Event
  • Award and Recognition
  • Talent Scouting (Arts, Sports, Leadership)
  • Student - College Management Meeting  
  • Alumni
  • Clubs & Associations

List of Active Student Clubs

  • MPM dan BEM JGU
  • UKM KIPK atau Bidikmisi UKM
  • Himpunan Mahasiswa pencinta alam atau HMPA Sabagiri
  • UKM Resimen Mahasiswa atau MENWA
  • UKM and Sport Asscociation atau ASA
  • UKM Lembaga Dakwah  kampus atau LDK
  • UKM English Club
  • UKM Robotic 
  • UKM Multimedia
  • UKM Komunitas Peneliti muda atau KPM
  • UKM Information and comunication technology atau ICT
  • HMJ Pada setiap Jurusan
  • JGU Alumni Association atau JGUAS