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Visit and Meeting of Foster Parents Ir. Ivan Danyza at Jakarta Global University

Thursday, 25 March 2021 - A visit was made, as well as a meeting between Foster Parents Ir. Ivan Danyza from PT. Horison Valindo Adipratama with foster children, students who receive the Jakarta Global University Foster Parents Scholarship Program.

The meeting was held at 11.30 WIB in the Rectorate Meeting Room. The agenda is a discussion about evaluating student achievement in semester 1, motivation towards students, gratitude, as well as introductory sessions.

"Hopefully all students who get assistance, in order to maintain the quality of their learning, even though a pandemic like this cannot be used as an excuse to work. We are very proud to hear the evaluation from the campus, that it turns out that some of our children can even achieve a 4.0 GPA. is something that is very proud of. Be consistent! ", ordered Ir. Ivan Danyza towards students.

Jakarta Global University opens the Foster Parents Scholarship Program every year which aims to take an educational role, to become a bridge between the community to improve the quality of Indonesian education.

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