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Introduction to Academic and Student Culture (PBAK) 2021 - Jakarta Global University

JGU.ac.id, Depok (18/09/2021) – For the first time since the pandemic, Jakarta Global University held an Introduction to Academic and Student Culture (PBAK) offline or face-to-face on campus C as the main campus. With the theme Integrity In Quality, this PBAK is running smoothly while still implementing the Covid-19 pandemic health protocol. Based on the decision of the PBAK Jakarta Global University Committee for 2021/2022 on Wednesday, September 9, 2021, the following are regulations, one of which is to include a vaccine letter and be free from Covid-19. PBAK runs for 2 days, 18 and 19 September 2021 with different activities.

On the first day of Introduction to Academic and Student Culture (PBAK), at exactly 07.00 the participants started registration and entered the Auditorium room. It looks like the enthusiasm of the participants who have not felt the meeting in person for a long time. Agnemas Yusoep Islami, S. ST., M.Sc together with Revita Desi Hertin, B.GD., M,IT jointly opened this year's PBAK as Master of Ceremony formally. This was followed by various performances such as JGU Band, Traditional Dance, Acoustic Performance and other performances. Until finally officially Prof. Dr. apt. Eddy Yusuf, M.Pharm as Chancellor of Jakarta Global University held an Opening Speech and launched the Introduction to Academic and Student Culture (PBAK).

Then the promise of students who were represented by three new students from the 2021//2022 batch of Jakarta Global University was also read, who were expected to carry out all the regulations of the study properly and correctly. Running smoothly with all the provision of material and understanding about the lectures, finally on the first day of PBAK, it ended at 17.00 which was closed by Wan Muhammad Feri and Chandrina Damayanti Setiasi as Non-Formal MCs who led the event from noon.

The second day of Introduction to Academic and Student Culture (PBAK) was the delivery of a General Lecture by Dr. Muhammad Zulkifli, St., M.Si and the introduction of SMEs in Jakarta Global University. Then it was continued with the activity of planting trees together outside the auditorium and then ended with a joint exercise which was followed by the entire committee as well as the PBAK participants.