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JGU International Technology and Engineering Exhibition (J-ITEX) 2021

Depok (04/08/2021) - We are currently in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 (21st century) which demands fundamental changes in the world of education. This demand requires the world of education to carry out various innovations and breakthroughs in improving the competence of human resources. 21st-century learning needs to integrate literacy skills, knowledge skills, skills, and attitudes, as well as mastery of technology which requires all students, especially students who have the soul of an engineer to adapt. Hopefully, in the future, they will be able to compete globally by providing new innovations in the world of technology & engineering.

On Saturday, September 4, 2021, this event was opened with Acoustic Entertainment by JGU Student, then continued with singing Indonesia Raya anthem. Next, the main event started and opened with the traditional Four Lawang dance. After that, there was a speech delivered by Mr. Onki Alexander, BCM., M.IT as Program Manager, Mrs. Sinka Wilyanti, S.T., M.T as Dean of FTIK.

Not long after, there was a speech and the signing of the gimmick by Prof. Dr. apt. Eddy Yusuf, M.Pharm represented by Mr. Ade Sunardi, S.T., M.T as Vice-Chancellor III. After that, it was continued with Exhibition Day 1. In the exhibition, JGU had invited 3 External Judges (Mr. Eddy, Mr. Nang Barli, and Mrs. Astri) who were also JGU alumni to assess and observe the work of JGU students. The last event was closed with a joint photo and continued with breaking the fast together.

The event on the 2nd day began with the implementation of an International Webinar with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammed as a resource person. He conveyed the use of IoT in the future pandemic. Such as the manufacture of automatic machines for sanitizers, then the presence of helmets and drones to measure body temperature, and so on.

Furthermore, as a closing, Mr. Adhes Gamayel, Ph.D. gave a speech and at the same time announced the winners.

After the entire series of events is completed, the committee evaluates the implementation of the J-ITEX 2021. Some of the notes include the following:
1. Contribution from other faculties is needed
2. There is a need for further coordination from each department to students
3. There is no readiness of all performers.
4. The sound system is still problematic
5. Backdrop needs to be permanent with a larger size
6. It is necessary to increase the participation of schools and universities around Depok
7. Maturity of the arrangement of events and placement of time is still lacking
8. It is necessary to make a vote so that visitors can participate in judging so that the announcement of the judging results is more heterogeneous.
9. It is necessary to re-evaluate what the purpose of the event is. So that it can be targeted related to the budget and participants
10. There is a regeneration of the committee (more involving students).